Government tried to take users data more than 40 thousand times Facebook

The Government of India sent 40,300 requests to Facebook to tell users data. The Indian government requested to Facebook during the second half of 2020. This is 13.3 percent more than the users data request from January to June 2020. During this, Facebook received 35,560 requests. According to Facebook’s latest Transparency, the company had blocked access to 878 items in India in the second half. For this, Facebook was ordered by the Government of India. All these items were in violation of Section 69A IT Act, 2000. It also included content that was disturbing the security of the state.According to the report, the Government of India had requested 40,300 in the period from July to December 2020. Of this, 37,865 were legal process requests. It also included 2,435 emergency disclosure requests. America sent the most requests worldwide.

The US sent 61,262 requests from Facebook between July and December 2020. Globally, the government had sent 191,013 requests to the government in the second half of 2020 for the users data. While 173,592 requests were sent worldwide in the first half. That is, in the second half, 10 percent more requests to Facebook from the government. Facebook said that on the request received from the government, it shares the data according to the law. If they feel that a wrong request has come from the government, then they reject it. During July to December 2020, 878 items were removed from India as per government instructions. Facebook said that it follows the law of the country in which it operates. In addition, the Community Standards Enforcement Report was also released by Facebook for the first quarter.

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