Weekend Lockdown or Curfew announced in Delhi by CM Arvind Kejriwal

Weekend curfew in Delhi has been announced amid Corona’s growing crisis. This weekend curfew will start at 10 pm on Friday night and will continue till 6 am on Monday. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced these new restrictions in a press conference on Thursday afternoon. This decision has been taken when more than 17 thousand new cases were filed in Delhi on the previous day, which is a record till date.

What will happen in the weekend curfew?

Regarding the weekend curfew, Arvind Kejriwal announced that essential services will be kept open, whose wedding dates are fixed and they will be given passes. Malls, gyms, spas, markets and other things will remain closed, cinema halls can run at 30 per cent. In the weekend, a market will be opened according to the region only. Kejriwal said that people should work for five days, but try to stay in the houses on weekends. If someone has to go to the hospital, airport, bus station, railway station, those people will be exempt during the weekend curfew. But one has to take a pass for this.

There is an outcry in Delhi:

There is an outcry in the country’s capital Delhi due to Corona. There is a shortage of beds in hospitals in Delhi, oxygen cylinders are not available, while there is a queue for cremation outside the crematorium. An important meeting was held between Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal amidst this catastrophe. Significantly, this time already the night curfew has been implemented in Delhi, where the focus is being placed on the container zone where there are more cases. Despite these restrictions, Corona cases are not decreasing.

There is no shortage of beds in Delhi:

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that there is no shortage of beds in Delhi, some hospitals are filled with beds but some people want to go to the same hospital, so there is a problem. Our priority is whoever is getting sick, first their life should be saved. More than five thousand beds are still vacant in Delhi, their number is being increased even more.

Status of corona in Delhi:

  • 17,282 new cases in last 24 hours
  • 104 Deaths in 24 hours
  • Deaths to now 11,540
  • Active cases 50,736
  • Total cases 7,67,438

(This data is collected from other sites sattakingmy is now 100% sure about this data)

Things are worsening with every day in Delhi due to bad weather:

Actually, the first peak in Delhi came in November last year. But this time every record is being broken. For the last few days, more than 10,000 cases are being reported continuously. At the speed of Corona, Delhi has now left Mumbai behind too. The situation in Delhi is that cases of infection have increased by 32 times in a month, 13 people are getting corona positive in every 100 tests. There is a lot of confusion behind the deteriorating situation in Delhi. There is a shortage of beds in many hospitals, there are no oxygen cylinders. At the same time, if a person is going for a test, then he has to spend hours in line. The situation is that in many hospitals, hundreds of people are waiting in the same hall, in such a situation, no one seems to worry about coming out positive or negative here.

There will be Weekend Curfew in Delhi but there will be continue Satta King in Delhi Lockdown

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