Advertise Service with Satta King site

Sattakingmy has many unique visitors on daily base who are interested in satta king result in those people some are common man but there are business man also in our visitors and they are interested B2B also. Sattakingmy is not only a site but it is a brand name and there are millions of searches on this name. There are many tools for proving it so to keeping in mind quantity of our visitors we have started the facility of Advertisement on high traffic website which is this site. If you get set your any ads on our site then you daily will get traffic on your site through your ads on our website, placing the ads on our site will increase your Brand Awareness, It will generate more lead fro you, by this your Business will increase. If you are selling any kind of products so placing your product ads on site will help you to increase those sale.

Types of ads on our site :-

There are many type of Ads which we are offering to place on our satta king website for making your any kind of Business more profitable.

  • Banner ads
  • Video Ads
  • GIF Ads
  • Product Ads
  • Website Traffic Ads
  • Add your Game Result

Banner Ads on our website:-
In this you will have to give us a banner image regarding to your service or Business. You can mention your Business details on this Banner in short an we will publish it on our website’s every page but there are some conditions like image should be clear and lite weight. It will help to increase your Brand Awareness also.

Video Ads on our website:-
YouTube is the best platform to promote your video and there you can promote your business also by YouTube ads. You also can get run video ads on websites through Google Adwords is it’s great way of advertisement but it might be some costly for you so satta king advertisement also has stated this beautiful facility on its website. Here you can get set your own Company Promo Video like ads on this site in very affordable prices.

GIF Ads on our Website :-
Advertisement by GIF is in trending, GIF Ads are very liter then video ads and there is no sound but there you can add some shorts into gif and can get promote your Business through gif on this website.

Product Ads on our Website :-
If here is your any kind of product of which you wanna increase sale so sattakingy is giving facility of that also. Here you can get put your product infographic so we will put it on our site’s pages and there are many visitors of different category on our site so if your product is related to those interest then definitely it will give you a great conversion.

Website Traffic Ads :-
There are millions of sites are running on Internet but some of them are not in rank and there is not much traffic or visitors on those sites but on sattakingmy is too much traffic on daily bases so you can get add your website landing page on our website by this people who are interested in category of your site will go through on your site and it will increase the quantity of your visitors.

Add your Game Result :-
There is one more facility for satta companies that any company or gamer also can get add satta matka game on our website for those players. There just need to send daily results of your game and e will paste it on our site in very affordable prices.

NOTE :- we target every page of our website while we add any ads on this website. There is no any particular category of any ads any body can get set any kind of ads on